Frol41 Investment AB INVESTED


Trine is a crowdfunding platform for solar projects in developing countries. With current state of the battery technology and solar panels, small decentralised power plats can be built without investing heavily in infrastructure. The only thing missing is financing. This is where Trine comes in.

In the very last part of 2015, Frol41 Investment was one of the investors in the 5 MSEK funding round of Trine.

“Mixing CSR with business was something that previously was unthinkable but I think the tables have turned the last couple of years. Especially with this kind of win-win-win (customers, business, investors and the environment) setup I think we will see a lot more of these kind of companies in the future. People in developing countries have a sense of pride and do not always wanted to be helped – just have a fair chance. The leap frogging-part of decentralised electricity is also a very interesting part of the project.”

– Fredrik Olofsson  – Founder of Frol41 Investment

Visit Trine on their website.